Astey Ladies (2019) Season 1 Complete – Bengali Web Series – 720p WEBRip (Hoichoi Originals)


Abhijit Choudhury
Sandipta Sen, Saayoni Ghosh, Madhurima Ghosh, Saurav Das
Three desperate women turn robbers to save their hairstyling parlour, Salon De Paris. Now, they’re in the middle of something big: a diamond heist! What’s next?


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SEASON 1 : E1 The Uninvited Guest.mp4

SEASON 1 : E2 Salon de Paris.mp4

SEASON 1 : E3 The Mission Begins.mp4

 SEASON 1 : E4 The Robbery.mp4

SEASON 1 : E5 The Apartment.mp4

SEASON 1 : E6 The Makeover Plan.mp4

SEASON 1 : E7 The Diamond Heist.mp4

SEASON 1 : E8 The Lion’s Den.mp4

SEASON 1 : E9 The Final Cut.mp4

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